Lawn Aeration for the Maple Grove Area

Pat on a lawn aeration machine named turf tamerIt’s frustrating to find yellowing, brittle patches of grass on your lawn without knowing why. With a proper inspection from Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, we can help identify the problem with your lawn. While there are many reasons your turf may be in poor shape, one common problem is heavily compacted soil. Lawn aeration services from Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth can help your lawn make a full recovery.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of puncturing small holes in your soil to help it breathe. When soil is too compacted, it doesn’t allow your grass’ roots to receive the proper water, air, and nutrients they require to thrive. This can lead to shallow roots and brittle grass, which causes discoloration and erosion, and can seriously harm your lawn.

At Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, we use core aeration techniques to improve the health of your lawn. That means we use special machinery called a core aerator to bore small, deliberate plugs of soil out of your turf. This allows for looser soil, which in turn means water, air, and nutrients can find their way to your grass roots. With healthier, deeper roots, your grass plants are more durable, luxuriant, and green.

Do I Need Lawn Aeration?

Compacted soil has many causes. If you use your lawn to store machinery, or if your yard sees heavy use from the kids playing on it, this can lead to denser soil. Heavily compacted soil is also caused by rainfall, snowfall, or can even develop over time. One way to tell if your Maple Grove home needs lawn aeration is the screwdriver test. If you have difficulty inserting a screwdriver into your soil, it’s probably compacted and requires loosening.

While lawn aeration has the best results in fall or spring, under-aerating can have serious consequences for your yard. That’s why we recommend having one of our lawn experts take a look at your soil.

Our Approach for Maple Grove

At Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, we bring a local approach to lawn services. Our lawn care technicians are experts in Hennepin County’s weather patterns and local soils. Our recommendations are tailored specifically to help your turf flourish in our region’s environment.

If you live in Rogers, Plymouth, Osseo, Maple Grove, or the surrounding area, get an assessment to see if you need lawn aeration services. Simply call 763.428.3843 to reach Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth today.