pH Balancing in Fort Collins, CO

Depending on the types of soils and plants, an ideal range for lawn maintenance is usually between 5.5. and 7.0. Scale: 7 is Alkaline.Turf grass is ideally grown in a slightly acid soil. Soil acidity is measured by a number called pH. The optimum pH range for lawns is 6.5 to 7.0. When a soil becomes too acid or alkaline, some nutrients used by the grass plant become unavailable. To insure maximum nutrient availability, soil pH must be in the optimum range.

Soil pH above 7.0 is considered alkaline and then sulfur must be applied to lower the pH.

Lawns need more than fertilizer to stay green. The pH level of the soil also affects a lawn. Proper pH levels promote favorable growing conditions – encouraging strong, hardy plants that are less susceptible to damage caused by disease. Colorado clay soils are alkaline and need sulfur to correct pH levels. Sulfur is heat-sensitive, so it can only be applied safely in the fall. Sulfur benefits the lawn by:

  • Slowing thatch build-up which can choke growth, reduce turf density and harbor diseases and insects
  • Reducing iron chlorosis (yellowing) by making iron in the soil more available to the grass plantIncreasing the effectiveness of fertilizer
  • Reducing the potential for lawn fungus
  • Sulfur applications work slowly to improve your soil. You will not see an immediate dramatic effect, rather, over time, you will see improvement in the vigor of your lawn. Sulfur Treatment will help you achieve the healthy, deep green lawn you deserve.

Price starts at $27 for 3,000 sq. ft.