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You don’t need to be a lawn care expert to have the lawn of your dreams. You just need to hire one. Lawn Doctor has been serving local communities since 1967, with lawn care service that is second to none. We serve 39 states, and each of our Lawn Doctor locations features local lawn care experts who are from the areas we serve.

We are part of your community

Since each of our local Lawn Doctors is locally owned and operated, we are your neighbors, and we treat you like you want to be treated by a local business.

Lawn Doctor offers an individual approach — not a cookie-cutter approach

At Lawn Doctor, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to your lawn. Instead, we know that your lawn is as individual as you are. So our experts know what works best for your lawn and your area’s weather and soil conditions. And they will customize lawn care programs to make sure it works for you.

We work with your local weather conditions

We will get you the type of lawn that works best in your area. Instead of planting cool-weather grass in a warm-weather area, or landscaping a cold climate by adding palm trees, we will get you the greenery that thrives the best in your town.

Our local services will keep your lawn lush and green

At Lawn Doctor, we will not just give you a great lawn, that works for you and your area’s climate restrictions, but our Lawn Maintainer Program will make sure that your lawn stays in that great condition. Just four to six applications of our services each year will keep your lawn lush and green year-round.

We will also treat issues facing your lawn

Are weeds, disease, or bugs common infestations in your area? Are there animal pests disturbing your yard relaxation time and digging up your lawn? No matter what pests you or your community face, we have a local expert near you that knows what it takes to help get rid of them – and get you your lawn back.

Lawn Doctor also helps with trees and shrubs

Our lawn care experts can also help with landscaping issues, including the proper care of trees and shrubs, helping them to thrive, and protecting them from disease, pests, and extreme weather conditions.

Help is on the way – just contact your local Lawn Doctor expert

No matter what your lawn care needs are, our expert consultants at Lawn Doctor can help. So why not contact us today? Our help is just a phone call or email away. Simply search above for the local Lawn Doctor professional in your area, and we will get started on your lawn today.