About Our Lawn Services Popular in Fort Collins

With Lawn Doctor of Ft. Collins, getting a greener, healthier yard doesn’t have to be hard work. In fact, we offer a variety of lawn services, designed for Fort Collins, CO yards, that can help to achieve bolder color and thicker grass, all with fewer pests and weeds. Not only that, but all our lawn services are individualized to the unique conditions we find in your lawn. It’s how Lawn Doctor of Ft. Collins can deliver precisely what your grass and landscape need to thrive.

What Our Services Can Do for Your Lawn

At Lawn Doctor of Ft. Collins, we know that every lawn is different and has varying needs. From grass types and weed species to topography, location and other unique features, these factors all must be taken into account for the best results. That’s why we begin all our lawn services in Fort Collins with a free consultation, so we can assess your lawn’s condition and provide the right recommendations.

popular lawn services in fort collinsSome of the lawn service recommendations we offer to homeowners like you in and around Fort Collins, Timnath, Wellington, and Laporte include:

  • Revive®. Our soil treatment and wetting agent that enables water to better penetrate and get absorbed by grass roots. This is especially beneficial in our dense Colorado clay soils.
  • Weed control. Lawn Doctor of Ft. Collins can help you gain control over a wide variety of weeds common to Colorado lawns. These include clover, dandelion, thistle, purslane, and many other broadleaf and grassy varieties.
  • Aeration. Again, with the rocky and dense clay soils in the Fort Collins, CO area, many lawns benefit greatly from aeration services. Our approach to this lawn service relies on advanced equipment to core out plugs of soil and thatch, so grass roots can take in more nutrients, oxygen, and water.
  • Overseeding. Say good-bye to bare spots and thin, weak grass. With our lawn services in Fort Collins, we will overseed grass seed directly into your existing turf to thicken it up, all without damaging it.
  • Tree and shrub care. In addition to your grass, Lawn Doctor of Ft. Collins can also care for your trees and shrubs, detecting and treating problems with insects, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies. We can even provide pruning and removal services for your trees.

Why Choose Us for Lawn Services in Fort Collins?

At Lawn Doctor of Ft. Collins, we’re locally owned and operated. In fact, we’ve been a part of the community since 1983, providing high-quality lawn services to customers all over Fort Collins. With deep roots in the area, our owners – Mike and Laurie Verde – always aim to please and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. If, however, there’s a reason you’re not fully satisfied, simply call our office and we promise to make it right.

Find out why we’re the local choice for lawn services in Fort Collins, CO, as well as many other surrounding communities, including Timnath, Wellington and Laporte. Contact us today at 970.221.0441 to learn more or arrange for your free consultation.