Durango’s Mosquito Control Experts

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlWhen most people think of a mosquito, they think of an annoying little insect that buzzes around and bites. But did you know that mosquitoes also carry many infectious diseases, including parasites and viruses, like West Nile? That’s why, if you’re having a mosquito problem in your yard, you need to get control of it – fast. And we can help. With Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington’s mosquito control services, we can protect your property and your loved ones.

With Yard Armour®, We Get the Job Done

mosquito control DurangoThrough Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington’s Yard Armour services, we take a tailored approach to mosquito control on your property. The first step in our process involves an evaluation of your yard and the severity of the mosquito problem. We’ll also take into consideration various factors, such as climate and time of year. Based on this information, we can then develop a treatment plan that meets the unique needs of your yard. Before we begin, we’ll also walk you through the entire process to ensure that you understand it and how our mosquito control treatments work.
Our Yard Armour services can help:

  • Control. We will apply treatments that not only reduce populations of existing mosquitoes, but also destroy eggs and larvae, and stop insects from continuing to breed on your property.
  • Maintain. After treating your yard, we can also schedule regular applications so mosquito populations remain under control all year long.
  • Prevent. In addition to our own treatment plan, we will show you how you can prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property in the future. Recommendations include eliminating woodpiles and standing water as well as making sure the grass around the perimeter of your property is mowed and well maintained.

At Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington, we can provide regular, ongoing mosquito control treatments and even one-time applications for special events, such as weddings and backyard parties.

A Natural Approach to Mosquito Control in Durango

In addition to our mosquito control treatment plans, we can supplement our Yard Armour services with our Mosquito Sentry® Repellent System. This unit releases an all-natural vapor fog that repels mosquitoes effectively throughout your yard. We also offer 100% natural/organic products to control mosquitoes and protect your property. At Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington, we’re dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions that produce safe, effective results.

Lawn Doctor proudly provides mosquito control services to customers throughout Durango, CO, Bloomfield, NM, Farmington, NM, Aztec, NM, and Bayfield, CO. If you live in one of these areas – and are interested in a free consultation, call us today at 970.422.2171.