Is Your Mom Having a Hard Time Managing The Yard On Her Own? Help Her Out with Lawn Care

According to a recent survey done of senior homeowners, the biggest frustrations they experience have to do with maintenance tasks they used to regularly do themselves yet can’t handle easily now. For example: mowing the grass or pruning the shrubs. Many common age-related health conditions can make it difficult to do the necessary physical labor, and it can be very uncomfortable for seniors to be out in the sun.

There are a couple of ways you can help your parent or other loved one who’s having a tough time getting the yard taken care of. One way is to do it yourself. If you’ve got a free Saturday morning, have the mower and other equipment ready to go, and want to put the time and effort into doing the job, that’s wonderful and we’re sure it would be really appreciated.

Another option that’s good to know about, especially if free Saturday mornings are in short supply, is having Westwood lawn services handle it. These experienced professionals take care of everything, from seeding and fertilizing the lawn through regular mowing and upkeep. They even take care of shrubs and trees as needed, and can address common pest control issues like mosquitoes and grubs.

Sometimes a Mom won’t want her kids to do something for her on the grounds that it’s too expensive. You’ll be happy to know that you can tell her that Westwood lawn service is very affordable. And as an added bonus – this is really more for your peace of mind than hers – seniors who are in homes that are well-maintained and cared for generally report feeling safer and happier.

Setting Mom – or anyone else you’d like to give the gift of lawn care to – up with services is simple and stress free. Just give us a call. We’ll ask you a few questions, go over our service offerings with you, and help you create a package that keeps Mom smiling – and her lawn looking great!