Lawn Care Services in Boston: Fertilization 101

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn care services in Boston.As lawn care service experts, we know local lawns across the Boston, MA area experience a lot of stress from one season to the next. Foot traffic, drought and heat, heavy snowfall, and pest and disease pressure can certainly take a toll. To withstand all these elements, your lawn needs to be well-nourished. That’s where a fertilization plan comes into play.

Fertilization Lawn Care Services: Why It’s Important for Boston Yards

Soil often has many key minerals and other nutrients grass plants need to grow. However, over time, due to leaching, these vital essentials get lost. So while your lawn can get some of what’s needed from the surrounding soil, it’s often not enough to sustain healthy growth, leading to deficiencies.

When this happens, your grass will grow weaker and won’t be able to stand up against aggressive weeds, pests, and diseases. At the same time, the look of your lawn will be impacted with thinner growth and poor color. In addition, turf won’t be able to withstand seasonal stress from conditions like drought and heat, and will therefore look worn out.

But with a consistent fertilization plan in place, you don’t have to worry about this in your lawn. When your grass has all the nutrients needed, it leads to a better developed root system, as well as thicker, lusher blades. Your turf will also be able to recover faster from the stress that comes from each season, as well as resist the weeds, pests, and diseases that try to take over.

Lawn Doctor of Boston: Why Choose Our Local Team?

Fertilization is a critical component of all good lawn care plans. But if you’re like many busy homeowners, you might not have the time to deliver it at the right points of year. That’s where our lawn services can help. With us, you can gain access to:

  • High-quality fertilizers. We will assess your lawn and create a custom fertilization plan that infuses a precise mix of nutrients using our slow-release formulations, as well as enriched materials.
  • Consistent applications. Lawn Doctor of Boston’s Turf Tamer® lawn care service equipment will ensure your lawn gets fully covered – without missing a spot – for the most consistent results possible.
  • Careful timing. Not only will we take into account your grass type to deliver applications at the optimal times during the year, but also the unique nutrient demands of your lawn. That way, your turf gets exactly what it needs to grow in healthier, greener, and stronger.

Beyond Boston, we offer lawn care services in the surrounding communities, such as Metro West, Framingham, Dedham, Newton, Weymouth, Milton, Braintree, and Quincy. Take advantage of our expertise by calling (781) 826-2920 today for a free consultation.