How Our Lawn Care Experts in Boston Fix 3 Common Challenges

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing work by lawn care experts in BostonSeeing big problems in your lawn? Lawn Doctor of Boston has the solutions you need. As one of the leading local lawn care service companies in the Boston, MA area, we know limp grass, spreading pests and weeds, and other common issues are a frustrating experience. But with our professional technicians, you can access an expert team who knows how to provide a quick diagnosis and an effective fix. For instance, some challenges we can help you resolve in your lawn include:

  • Challenge 1: Improper fertilization. When it comes to fertilizing, the right approach is key. Too much or too little can actually cause damage in the form of inadequate nutrition or excessive growth. But with Lawn Doctor of Boston’s lawn care services, you can rest assured your turf will not only get a precise mix of nutrients, but they’ll be custom-blended especially for your lawn, delivering superior results in the process.
  • Challenge 2: Weeds popping up and spreading. For many homeowners across Massachusetts, weeds are a struggle every year and throughout many seasons. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Boston’s lawn care services come in. From broadleaf to grassy and annual to perennial, we offer the treatments needed to suppress all kinds of species and prevent them from returning. Our pre-emergent treatments will even stop the development of weeds germinating under the soil’s surface.
  • Challenge 3: Pests infesting. Pests can cause damage to your yard and your family’s health. Protect both with lawn care services from Lawn Doctor of Boston. We offer a full range of pest treatment options that are proven effective in gaining control over many different unwanted critters and insects, including grubs, mosquitoes, and ticks. As a result, you can breathe easy your lawn and loved ones are both safe during the outdoor season.

Boston’s Lawn Care Experts: Keeping Your Yard Healthy & Strong

When it comes to preventing these challenges, as well as many others, routine lawn care is key. That’s why Lawn Doctor of Boston has developed our annual lawn care service program: Lawn Maintainer. It’s designed to deliver six to eight weed control and fertilization applications during the year. The program is simple and affordable, yet will keep your turf lusher, your grass color bolder, and your yard less susceptible to common problems going forward.

Lawn Doctor of Boston MA’s lawn care experts are offer service in many communities, including Metro West, Framingham, Newton, Milton, Dedham, Braintree, Weymouth, and Quincy. Connect with us at (781) 826-2920 today for your free consultation to learn more.