What Free Lawn Care Service Evaluations in Boston Mean for You

lawn doctor lawn care service in boston expert evaluating the grassAs a local lawn care service provider in the Boston, MA area, we know there are many challenges that come with caring for a lawn. Whether you’re facing issues with dandelions and crabgrass, soil compaction, or a nutrient deficiency, a range of factors could be contributing to these problems. These can include anything from rainfall rates and temperatures, to soil quality, grass types, and your mowing and watering techniques.

While this all might sound overwhelming, Lawn Doctor of Boston makes lawn care easy with our services designed for local lawns. Even better? We offer free lawn evaluations so we can get to the bottom of your lawn care problems and help you overcome them. Here’s how our process works:

  • Assessing overall health. Our trained and experienced technicians know how to analyze your lawn’s overall health, as well as spot issues ranging from weeds and pests to diseases and insects.
  • Identifying grass types. If you don’t know what grass types you have in your lawn, it’s hard to treat and care for it properly at the right times of year. That’s why part of our approach to lawn care services at Lawn Doctor of Boston includes identifying and classifying your grass types.
  • Evaluating your lawn care habits. Sometimes, when you’re having problems in your lawn, it’s not due to pests and weeds, but lawn care habits and techniques. This can include mowing your lawn too short, as well as frequent, shallow watering. We’ll discuss your approach to ensure you’re using the right lawn care techniques in the future.
  • Offering customized recommendations. There are many steps you can take throughout the year to ensure your lawn stays healthy and strong. With free lawn care service evaluations from Lawn Doctor of Boston, we’ll offer you a variety of recommendations personalized to your unique lawn.
  • Providing a thorough report and cost estimate. With the assessment process complete, we will then provide you with a detailed analysis and report outlining your lawn’s conditions and the recommendations we’re making. This includes a custom quote for our lawn care services.

Why Lawn Doctor of Boston for Your Lawn Care Service Needs?

Because we can handle it all, from fertilization and weed control, to pH balancing and tree and shrub care. We can get your lawn into the best shape possible with tried-and-tested techniques, premium products, and equipment designed exclusively for our lawn care company. It’s an approach that delivers optimal results – and more beautiful lawns – for our Boston area lawn care service customers.

Getting started with a free evaluation is easy; simply call Lawn Doctor of Boston today at 781.826.2920. Our lawn care services are available whether you live in the Boston, MA area, or in the surrounding communities, including Metro West, Framingham, Newton, Milton, Braintree, Dedham, Weymouth, or Quincy.