Fall Lawn Care in Needham: Tips for a Dazzling Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in NeedhamWant a thick, green carpet of grass in spring? Then well-timed care during autumn is critical. When you take the right steps now, you’re not only helping your turf recover from a season of drought and heat, but you’re also preparing it for the winter ahead. As a result, once spring re-appears, your grass will grow in healthier and heartier. Not sure where to start? Lawn Doctor of Boston can help. As specialists in fall lawn care in Needham and other nearby areas, we recommend following these tips:

  • Rake up leaves. Leaves look nice on trees, but once they hit your lawn, they block out sunlight and trap moisture, creating optimal conditions for diseases to spread. So make sure you rake them up before they have a chance to cause any damage.
  • Continue to mow. When you do, make sure it’s to the right height. Too short can stress your lawn and impact root development; too long can make it more vulnerable to fungi. When you’re mowing, don’t cut off more than 1/3 of the blade height at a time, continuing this process until the first hard frost.
  • Loosen soil. When soil gets compacted by heavy foot traffic in summer, it prevents water, sunlight, and nutrients from getting to the root zone. But you can alleviate this condition by aerating your lawn.
  • Nourish with fertilizer. Grass will also benefit from a fall lawn care fertilization application, which will give it the energy it needs to weather through the Needham area’s winter and bounce back stronger than ever in spring.
  • Seed to improve density. When your lawn is thick and hearty, it can fend off attacks from weeds, diseases and other threats. Not only that, but by seeding, you can repair bare spots and thinning areas.

Let Needham’s Fall Lawn Care Team Help

The treatments above, like seeding, aerating and fertilizing, need to be timed correctly for the best results. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your efforts. If you’d rather leave the job to the Needham area’s experts, contact the fall lawn care team at Lawn Doctor of Boston for help. We can perform a full assessment, then customize a treatment plan and schedule that ensures your turf doesn’t get hammered in winter and emerges green, lush, and strong in spring.

Get started today by visiting our contact page to schedule a free consultation. We offer fall lawn care in the Needham, Metro West, Framingham, Newton, Milton, Dedham, Braintree, Weymouth, Quincy, and Boston, MA areas.