Lawn Fertilization from Bolingbrook’s Green Grass Specialists

lawn fertilization and green grass bolingbrook specialist Nothing is more essential than proper fertilization when it comes to the health and appearance of your lawn. At Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook, our fertilization services help homeowners achieve the lush, green grass of their dreams. Our fertilization program offers a number of key advantages that make it easier for Bolingbrook homeowners to grow thick, green grass – advantages like customized fertilization plans and nutrient-rich materials. With services available in Romeoville, Lemont, and Plainfield, we’re helping the Bolingbrook area become greener one lawn at a time.

Making Green Grass Easy for Bolingbrook Homeowners

The first key to proper fertilization comes from experience. At Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook, we’ve spent year after year helping homeowners grow green grass. That experience means that we know the fertilization needs of different grass species, the ways that soil and climate can affect turf growth, and what local growing conditions mean for your lawn’s health and color. It’s this experience that allows us to customize our fertilization program for every lawn and every homeowner. This way, we ensure your lawn receives the exact nutrients it needs, precisely when it needs them.

Lawn Fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook

It’s not just our experience and expertise that makes us Bolingbrook’s green grass specialists – it’s also the materials and equipment we use to fertilize your lawn. With fertilization services from Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook, your lawn is fertilized using:

  • Nutrient-Enriched Materials. Our fertilizers are packed with the nutrients that give your lawn healthy color and thick, even growth.
  • Slow-Release Fertilizers. We use materials that slowly release essential nutrients, keeping your turf sustained for weeks after treatment.
  • Turf Tamer® Equipment. Our Turf Tamer lawn fertilization equipment uses ground-metered technology to guarantee even fertilizer coverage.

Year-Round & Natural Fertilization Services

Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook will happily provide you with a one-time fertilization treatment. But for green grass year-round, we suggest our Lawn Maintainer program to Bolingbrook homeowners. Lawn Maintainer includes annual fertilization services, giving you beautiful and healthy turf month after month.

Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook also offers natural lawn fertilization for organic-minded homeowners. This program uses fertilizers that are derived from natural sources, like decomposed plants and animal waste. For year-round natural fertilization, ask one of our experts about our Natural Lawn Care program.

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Partner with Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook this year and discover the beautiful, green grass of your dreams. To learn more about our fertilization programs, contact us today at 630-685-2884.