Tips for Caring For Your Trees This Season

Winter conditions can be brutal to your lawn, but you should not forget about taking care of your trees. Your trees can be damaged from changing temperatures and extreme cold conditions such as ice, thunder, and various storms. 

Although you have no control over winter conditions, here are some basic winter tree care tips and information:

1. Frost Cracking

Stress from winter conditions can lead to the tree’s bark to have frost cracking. Frost cracking can cause major damage to the bark. If frost cracking occurs, you will see cracks within the bark and inner wood area. To prevent frost cracking, especially to younger trees wrap them with tree wrap in the fall.

2. Pruning

In the spring prune out any limbs damaged during the winter.

3. Fragile Branches

Inspect your trees in the fall for damaged branches.  Carefully prune the damaged areas to avoid the risk of falling limbs due to snow and ice.  If your trees are large in size, contact an Arborist for professional help.

4. Small Animals

Small Animals such as rodents and squirrels can cause problems for your trees. In the winter, these small animals are seeking food and making themselves comfortable on your trees. To prevent these small animals from living in your tree, search ways to set traps to keep them away from your tree’s area.

5. Salt Damage

If salt from walks, driveways, or the streets came in contact with the root zone of your trees, apply gypsum to help move the salt away from the roots.

If you want strong healthy trees, be prepared to take the necessary steps above to care for your trees and help them grow properly. For more information, please contact your local Lawn Doctor for Tree & Shrub Care services.

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