Weed Control in Hingham: How We Can Help

Close up of blades of grass showing weed control in HinghamWeeds are an ever-present problem in all local lawns, whether you have a high population or just a few. And when they start to spread, it does more than impact curb appeal, but actually affects turf health as they eat away at water, nutrients, space, and other resources. That’s where Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod can help. We’re top weed control experts in the Hingham, South Shore, Cape Cod, and Plymouth, MA areas for a reason: our multi-step approach to fighting back and regaining the upper hand.

Weed Control in 3 Easy Steps for Hingham-Area Lawns

Unfortunately, when it comes to weeds, there’s no single product or one time of year that’s best to treat them. There are so many different species with varying growing cycles that you need a more comprehensive approach. Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod’s Lawn Maintainer program delivers it. With it, you’ll get:

Lawn fertilization treatments. We’ll feed your yard with a series of applications timed at points during the Hingham area’s growing season that will produce optimal results. We also custom-blend our products, providing the exact right nutrition your turf needs to grow in stronger and build up better defenses against weeds.

Broadleaf and grassy control. Whether it’s clumps of clover and crabgrass or pervasive dandelion you’re seeing spreading, our post-emergent treatments are powerful against them all, suppressing them so they stop competing with your grass.

Pre-emergent weed treatments. For those weeds still underground, we can treat them with an effective pre-emergent application that interrupts the germination process. As a result, you’ll never see them break through your soil’s surface, drastically reducing populations in your lawn.

Turf Tamer® Equipment: For Better Weed Control Coverage

Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod is known across the Hingham area for our effective approach to weed control. We can offer you many unique advantages, including our proprietary Turf Tamer equipment. It’s designed with a 16-horsepower engine and ground-metering technology that delivers the most even coverage in an efficient manner. At the same time, its reciprocating action ensures treatments never harm your lawn. This all combines to provide picture-perfect results you’ll love coming home to.

Ready to learn more? Contact Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod at (781) 826-2920 to set up a free consultation. You can find out more about the weed control services we offer in Hingham, Hanson, Brockton, Hanover, South Shore, Cape Cod, and Plymouth, MA.