Turf Alert: Red Thread Is Upon Us

red thread in South Shore lawn    red thread in lawn in south shore ma

Red Thread is a common summer fungus that is caused when weather conditions create the perfect environment for fungus to grow. It manifests itself as pink/brown dinner plate sized spots in your lawn. The tips of the blades are affected by the fungus and cause discoloration.


red thread in South Shore lawn

If your lawn has Red Thread, here’s what you should know:

  • Red Thread is most noticeable after a few days of warm temperatures (70 degrees or higher) and rainfall. You may see it only in sunny areas of your lawn and not in the shade as the sunlight activates Red Thread.
  • Avoid any night/evening watering. This will only aggravate the fungus. If you have an irrigation system, allow the lawn to dry out for a few days.
  • A regular mowing schedule will help mow off the fungus. Collect your clippings to prevent the spread of the fungus.
  • This fungus condition is associated with high soil acidity. We can add a Lime Application to your program if it is not already included. This will help balance your lawn’s pH.
  • Our Soil Enrichment Program is a great way to improve your soil quality as well as reduce the likelihood of turf disease and fungus.


If you’d like to learn more about Red Thread and other common fungal diseases, please call (781) 826-2920 or read Our Latest Newsletter. To add Soil Enrichment or Lime to your program in order to control and prevent Red Thread, click here.