Midsummer Fertilization Boosts Grass Growth, Foundational Planting Performance

What’s the secret of maintaining a fantastic lawn during the hot, dry midsummer months? We turned to the lawn care experts for insight and they had an answer for us: fertilization.

We all know lawns need fertilizer to look their best. Fertilizer provides the nutrition necessary for healthy root development and the growth of lush, thick, green grass. But what’s the best time to fertilize the lawn?

If you can only fertilize your lawn once, do it in the spring. This is the best time to give your lawn an added boost of nutrition, exactly when it’s most critically important to grass growth. If you can only fertilize your lawn twice, do it in the spring and the fall. This way, the grass is nourished and sustained through the long, cold, snowy months.

But if you can commit to taking care of your lawn at every time it needs to be taken care of, you’ll also want Norwell lawn fertilization in the midsummer. The reason these hot, dry months are so difficult on the lawn is because the beating sun and dry environment leach nutrients from the soil at the same time your grass is trying to maintain its health and vigor. This is a bad combination! Mid-summer fertilization counters the drying effects of the sun and gives your grass’ thirsting roots a lush, rejuvenating bath in pure nutrition.

For best results, your Norwell lawn fertilization service will custom mix the fertilizer to address your yard’s microclimate and specific nutritional needs. Additionally, they can help you out with issues like overly compacted soil. This is addressed with lawn aeration, a chemical free treatment that encourages healthy grass growth. If weeds are concerning to you, ask about pre-emergent weed control options. This will remove the weeds from your lawn even before they have a chance to grow!