Frustrated By Grass That Just Won’t Grow?

“All I want is a nice green lawn,” Brenda said. “What I have is rock hard dirt. I’m about ready to spray paint my yard green and call it a day. Why won’t grass grow at my house?”

The Norwell homeowner is dealing with heavily compacted soil. That’s the reason the grass won’t grow. When the soil is heavily compacted, it means it’s been pressed together into a tight block. It’s so solid that it’s impossible for anything to grow. When soil is heavily compacted, rainwater doesn’t even sink below the surface.

Some soil is just naturally heavily compacted. Other soil is heavily compacted because there’s been a lot of traffic in that location, such as people driving vehicles or other equipment over it. This can sometimes happen during a home’s construction phase, and is one of the reasons it’s difficult to establish a lawn around a new home. Soil can also be compacted when lots of people walk over the soil, or due to lots of playing by children and pets.

Norwell Lawn Aeration Services: The Remedy for Compacted Soil

Lawn aeration is the remedy for heavily compacted soil. Lawn aeration is a chemical-free, all-natural treatment that makes your soil more suitable for growing thick, healthy grass. Your Norwell lawn service can perform lawn aeration for you. They do this by using a special piece of equipment that introduces many small holes into your lawn. These holes are about the size of a pencil eraser. The purpose of these holes is to loosen the tightly packed soil in such a way that oxygen and rainwater can get beneath the surface to go deeply into the soil.

Your Norwell lawn service can also help by powerseeding your lawn with grass carefully selected for your lawn’s specific growing conditions. This is a smart combination of services to jump start the growth on your new lawn.