Expert Tick Control In South Shore

Closeup picture of a tick from Lawn Doctor's Tick Control In South ShoreTick infestations are no fun. These tiny pests can hang out unnoticed in your yard, ready to infect you with Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Keeping your lawn free from these troubling invaders is no easy task, fortunately our experts at Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod are here to help. With our reliable Yard Armour® tick control services, South Shore homeowners can get proven relief from this harmful threat. Our South Shore pest control team supplies many trusted solutions for preventing and eradicating tick infestations and restoring the peace and safety of your lawn.

About Our Tick Control Services In Your Area

Tick infestations come in different stages, so effective control has to be ready to both defend against future issues and fend off current invasions. Our expert lawn care team knows how to get these pests out of your yard and create the right ongoing treatment plan to keep them out. Our expert tick control includes:

Prevention. It is always best to stop tick problems before they get out of hand. We prevent invasions by applying protective products and defending your grass from mice and deer. These tick-carrying animals are the cause of many infestations, so it’s crucial to keep them out.

Control. Treating current tick problems requires one of our more aggressive solutions. After making a full survey of your yard and assessing the extent of your tick issues, our team will get to work applying one of our proven solutions to kick these pests out of your yard.

Ongoing Tick Maintenance. Successful tick control is an project. These opportunistic pests will come back as soon as you give them the chance. We provide consistent treatments at proper intervals to make sure your lawn stays tick-free for good.

Guaranteed Tick Control In South Shore

We have successfully fought off many tick invasions and defended many lawns from future attacks. Our unique track record of success in this area is why we’re able to offer our industry leading guarantee to every client. Our team has the experience and expert knowledge to solve your tick issues and keep your grass safe. We proudly offer our guaranteed tick control across the following areas:

  • South Shore
  • Hingham
  • Cape Cod
  • Plymouth
  • Hanson
  • Brockton
  • Hanover
  • And surrounding communities

For more details about our elite tick control for your South Shore home, contact us today.