Power Seeding

With limited rainfall, this summer was hot and stressful on the lawns in our area. Revitalize your dry and damaged lawn with Lawn Doctor’s patented Power Seeding and enjoy a thicker, greener and healthier lawn.

Our Patented Power Seeding is More Effective than Traditional Lawn Seeding Methods

Lawn Doctor’s exclusive Turf Tamer power seeder delivers results that continue to impress homeowners. Our power seed process uniformly loosens the soil and actually plants the seed. This is a proven seeding process that allows the grass to take root easier and more quickly. The results come very close to sodding – at a fraction of the cost. Lawn Doctor’s power seeding is the perfect solution for thinning lawns, bare spots or heat-damaged areas. With over double the germination rate of other seeding methods, Lawn Doctor’s Power Seeding is without a doubt, a homeowner’s best investment.

Protect Your Lawn with Fall AND Spring Seeding Applications

A healthy and thick lawn is not only beautiful, but it’s a natural barrier against future weeds and disease. Lawn Doctor’s power seeding applications are available in both the spring and fall seasons. Spring power seed applications provide an often-needed power boost to start the growing season off right. Fall is a perfect time to power seed – cool nights, increased moisture and sunny days provide a perfect environment for seed germination.