Lawn Pest Control

Prevent Lawn Pests with our Annual Maintainer Program

Lawn Doctor’s specially-trained lawn care experts are able to identify the signs lawn pest and insects. Lawn Doctor’s Annual Maintainer Program consists of six carefully-formulated lawn applications – including preventative pest control. These applications are successful in preventing many of the common pest problems plaguing our area lawns.


Grub Damage Prevention

Each year, beetles lay thousands of eggs in the lawns in our area. These eggs hatch into white grub worms that live the soil and feast on grass plant roots. They can destroy your lawn. Unfortunately, there is no way to detect grub worms until it’s too late. Lawn Doctor’s Grub Prevention application will attack the grubs before they attack and wreck your lawn.


Keep Chinch Bugs from Destroying your Lawn

Multiplying quickly and causing extensive lawn damage in as little as a few days, Chinch bugs can be your lawn’s number-one enemy. Chinch bugs are nearly impossible to see and their slender beaks extract plant juices from grass blades – leaving behind damaging toxins that in many instances kill the plant. The experts at Lawn Doctor know exactly how to prevent Chinch bugs – always protecting your lawn and your entire outdoor landscape investment.


Lawn Pest Damage Happens Quickly

Even healthy and beautiful lawns can fall victim to common lawn care pests. Whether damaged from Grubs, Chinch bugs, Sod Webworms or any other of a number of highly-damaging lawn pests, Lawn Doctor understands the importance of and delivers preventative lawn pest treatment. Preventative and carefully-formulated treatment applications will successfully address pests before they become a problem. A lawn damaged by any one of the pests common to our area can be expensive and time-consuming to repair. Don’t wait until it’s too late.