Lawn Seeding in the Westfield Area

A lush, green lawn is within easy reach. In fact, as the Westfield area’s lawn care experts, Lawn Doctor of Union County’s lawn seeding services can reinvigorate your lawn with new seed, while our aeration services can break down thatch and compaction. It’s a recipe for thicker turf and a greener, healthier lawn.

Why Professional Power Seeding for Your Lawn?

If your lawn is looking thin or worn out, it may be time to seed. That’s because, just like people, graMale Lawn Doctor employee wheeling a lawn seeding turf tamer machine over the lawnss ages and begins to break down over time. But by power seeding your lawn, you’re essentially introducing high quality, new grass seed into the old, existing turf. This serves to revitalize your lawn.

Not only that, but the power seeding method Lawn Doctor of Union County uses actually cultivates the soil first. Seeds are then planted into a more favorable environment with better seed-to-soil contact. As a result, you’ll see a thicker, more vibrant lawn with a stronger natural resistance to insects and weeds.

At Lawn Doctor of Union County, we use our line of exclusive, proprietary equipment – Turf Tamer® –to care for your lawn. When it comes to seeding, this equipment relies on reciprocating action so your turf doesn’t get damaged in the process. In addition, with its ground-metered technology, it ensures the most even distribution of grass seed. That way, you can enjoy consistent growth in your lawn, not sparse or clumpy patches.

In the Westfield area, fall is the optimal time for lawn seeding. That way, new seeds don’t have to endure a scorching summer or frigid winter in those initial stages of development. Rather, with warm days, cool nights, and plenty of rainfall, autumn offers the ideal conditions for new seeds to germinate. Likewise, they won’t have to compete with weeds, like dandelion and clover, for nutrients and water.

Trusted Lawn Seeding Services in Westfield

When Westfield area homeowners need superior lawn seeding services, they turn to the professionals at Lawn Doctor of Union County. Our experienced technicians make it easy to attain a beautiful lawn.  As local Westfield area residents ourselves, we know the area’s climate and growing conditions – and can make the best recommendations for seeding your lawn. What’s more is that all of our services are backed by a full guarantee. As a result, you can enjoy peace of mind, along with the lawn of your dreams.

Ready to learn more? Call Lawn Doctor of Union County today at 732.246.1101 for a free evaluation. Our lawn seeding services are available for homeowners in Westfield, as well as Union County, Scotch Plains, Clark and Cranford.