Lawn Aeration in the Westfield Area

turf tamer lawn aeration machineWhen spring rolls around, you want to see your lawn come alive. But what if, instead, you see standing puddles of water and weak growth? Soil compaction could be the culprit and lawn aeration may be needed. The good news is that with Lawn Doctor of Union County, we make the process easy. In fact, as the Westfield area’s local lawn aeration specialists, we have the expertise and equipment to conquer compaction and make way for a beautiful yard.

Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

With core aeration, which is the method we use at Lawn Doctor of Union County, small plugs of soil are cored out from your lawn. This opens up your lawn so it can breathe again. Not only that, but it also enables your lawn to soak in more water, nutrients, and sunlight. As a result:

  • Roots grow deeper and stronger
  • Water, nutrients, and oxygen are absorbed more efficiently.
  • Your lawn can better tolerate environmental stressors, like heat and drought
  • Your lawn can better fight off disease and insect infestations
  • Surface thatch that gets broken down will support beneficial organisms in your soil

How Do I Know Whether to Aerate?

There are a few different ways Westfield area homeowners can tell their lawn needs aeration. If you have clay soils or park vehicles on your lawn, then soil compaction is likely an issue. Also, if you’re seeing weak, spotty growth, or standing puddles of water that aren’t getting absorbed, lawn aeration is in order. Another way to tell is through the screwdriver test. Plunge a screwdriver into the ground and, if you encounter heavy resistance due to compaction and thatch build-up, you need to aerate.

How Do I Know When to Aerate?

As the Westfield area’s local aeration specialists, Lawn Doctor of Union County knows aeration has to be timed right for optimal results. That means for cool season grasses, like Kentucky bluegrass or ryegrass, fall is the best time to aerate.

Why Outsource Lawn Aeration to the Westfield Area Experts?

Why waste your weekend aerating when you can leave it to the experts instead? At Lawn Doctor of Union County, we can ensure your lawn is properly aerated at the right time – and we’ll use our proprietary made-in-America equipment to do it. You can expect to see a thicker, healthier lawn in the weeks and months that follow.

Whether you live in Westfield, Union County, Scotch Plains, Clark or Cranford, our lawn aeration services can deliver a more beautiful lawn, without all the work. Call Lawn Doctor of Union County today at 732.246.1101 to learn more or to schedule your free consultation.

Lawn Doctor’s power seeding can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.