Lawn Fertilization in Westfield

Properly fertilizing your lawn is one of the most important steps in any lawn care program. At Lawn Doctor of Westfield, our lawn fertilization services are designed to make fertilizing your lawn easy. Whether you require a single treatment or routine fertilization, we’ll match your lawn with the nutrients it needs for vital growth and vibrant color.

Why Lawn Fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Westfield

Lawn Doctor of Westfield lawn fertilization services will improve the appearance and health of youlawn fertilization ambassador for lawn doctorr lawn. Our lawn fertilization professionals are local to Westfield and the surrounding areas, such as Union County, Scotch Plains, Clark, and Cranford. This means we know exactly which nutrients your lawn needs to thrive in the local climate. Our team will determine the type of grass you have and create a customized fertilization plan, adjusted for local moisture and weather conditions.

Our Lawn Fertilization Products

Lawn fertilization services from Lawn Doctor of Westfield include the use of slow release fertilizers to give your yard a steady supply of nitrogen, the nutrient responsible for a green, disease-free lawn. These fertilizers are packed with other vital nutrients as well, promoting thick, lush growth.  We also help you avoid over-fertilization, which can be just as destructive to your lawn as under-fertilization. Our local experts will fertilize your lawn according to a precise application schedule using our Turf Tamer® lawn care equipment for consistent law fertilization.

Natural Lawn Fertilization Programs

A greener lawn and greener world go hand in hand. Our team understands that you may be looking for all-natural fertilizers that do more for natural soil and plant life. Alternatively, you might be concerned about the effect of man-made fertilizers on children and pets. If so, talk to our experts about the natural lawn fertilization treatments we offer to Westfield-area homeowners. Our natural lawn fertilization program can help create a thriving, lush lawn using 100% organic products. These products stimulate soil’s natural life, strengthen your lawn’s natural defenses, and protect against drought stress.

Take Your First Step Toward a Greener Lawn Today

With lawn fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Westfield, you can ensure that your lawn has the exact nutrients it needs for healthy growth. What’s more, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction, promising a full reapplication or treatment refund if our fertilization services fail to meet your expectations. Give Lawn Doctor of Westfield a call today at 732-246-1101 for a free lawn fertilization estimate.