pH Balancing

Our Technicians Regularly Monitor and Maintain pH Levels and Apply Lime as Part of Your Lawn Care Service

Healthy and Green Lawns Grow in Slightly-Acidic Soil

Looking for a more healthy and vibrant green lawn? Did you know that the healthiest and greenest lawns grow in slightly-acidic soil? Soil acidity is measured by pH and Lawn Doctor is committed to maintaining the right pH balance for each and every lawn we serve. The optimum pH range for lawns is 6.5 to 7.0.

Get Your Lawn Back in pH Balance

Generally, every other year, the lawns in our area will require an adjustment in soil acidity. Lawn Doctor’s carefully-formulated lime application is the easiest, most effective way to bring a lawn’s soil acidity back in balance. Lime raises the pH level by reducing soil acidity. Soil measuring higher than 7.0 in pH will require sulfur to lower the level and raise acidity.

The Benefits of pH Balance

Maintaining the proper pH balance of your lawn’s soil is critical to the health and beauty of your lawn. The right pH balance fosters healthier grass plants and brings about many other very important benefits:

  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
  • Reduced Fungus Issues
  • Improved Fertilizer Effectiveness
  • Increased Disease Resistance
  • Reduced Thatch Build Up