Soil Enrichment

Lawn Doctor’s Unique Soil Enrichment Applications Keep Lawns Lush and Green

Healthy Soil is Essential for a Healthy Lawn

The quality of your soil plays a key role in extracting the maximum benefit from each of Lawn Doctor’s Annual Maintainer Program applications. These six seasonal treatment services are designed to promote a more beautiful and healthy lawn – and at the root of every healthy lawn is healthy soil.

Lawn Doctor’s Soil Enrichment Program Delivers Vital Benefits

The best way to further ensure the quality of your lawn’s root system is by taking advantage of Lawn Doctor’s Soil Enrichment Program. It’s a unique program that will improve the soil structure of your lawn and provide many important benefits:

  • Reduced Soil Compaction Increased Fertilizer and Nutrient Absorption
  • Improved Root Health
  • Improved Moisture Retention
  • Increased Soil Microbial Activity to Reduce Thatch
  • Enhanced Resistance to Disease and Pests