Lawn Aeration in the Hamilton Township Area

Want to improve the health and beauty of your lawn? One of the best ways to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn  is through aeration. Not only does it help cut down on soil compaction, but it also breaks up thatch build-up, enabling your lawn to take in more water, air, and nutrients. And with Lawn Doctor of Mercer & Middlesex County, we make the process easy. We provide expert lawn aeration services to customers all over the Hamilton Township area – and have what it takes to turn your yard from worn out to picture perfect.lawn aeration and power seeding machine called turf tamer

Signs You Need Lawn Aeration

Lawns need more than water and fertilizer to stay healthy. They also need oxygen. But when your yard experiences heavy foot traffic – whether from kids and pets playing or backyard parties – the soil eventually gets compacted. This prevents proper air flow. Not only will your grass roots start suffocating, but they also can’t absorb enough nutrients, sunlight, and water.

Core aeration helps overcome this issue. Just as the name suggests, the process includes coring out small plugs of grass, soil, and thatch throughout your lawn. Once performed, core aeration can deliver a range of benefits to your lawn, including:

  • Stronger roots
  • Better air exchange
  • Enhanced water and fertilization absorption
  • Thicker, healthier turf

Determining Soil Compaction

There are a few different signs Hamilton Township area homeowners can look for that indicate the need for lawn aeration. These include spotty or weak growth, bald areas, and puddles of water that don’t get absorbed. Also, if you have clay soils or park vehicles on your lawn regularly, then your soil can get compacted more easily. Another way to tell if your lawn needs to be aerated is with the screwdriver test. Simply take a screwdriver and stick it into your lawn’s soil. If you encounter heavy resistance, then your soil likely needs to be aerated.

How to Time Aeration

As Hamilton Township’s local lawn aeration experts, Lawn Doctor of Mercer & Middlesex County knows the right time to aerate depends on your grass type. Cool season grasses, like ryegrass, bluegrass and tall fescue is best aerated in the fall.

Professional Lawn Aeration in the Hamilton Township Area

Proper lawn aeration requires more than just the right timing and equipment. It also requires expertise. Don’t do it yourself and risk making an expensive mistake. Instead, leave the work to the Hamilton Township area’s lawn aeration professionals at Lawn Doctor of Mercer & Middlesex County. We have the proprietary equipment, in-depth knowledge, and proven experience to help you achieve the yard of your dreams. You can expect to see thicker, healthier turf in the weeks and months after we aerate.

Whether you live in Hamilton Township, or in Edison, Middlesex County, New Brunswick, Woodbridge, Somerset, Trenton, Princeton Junction or Mercer County, our lawn aeration services can help your lawn flourish, year-round. Call Lawn Doctor of Mercer & Middlesex County today at 732.246.1101 for your free consultation.

Lawn Doctor’s power seeding can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.