Lawn Fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Edison

Family football games are more fun on a lush, full lawn. Your landscaping will only look better with bright green, healthy grass. No matter how you use your lawn, it can benefit from lawn fertilization. But lawn fertilization is a huge undertaking, and can be overwhelming. Lawn Doctor of Edison proudly provides lawn fertilization as one of our lawn care service options. We’re eager to help you get the full, green lawn you’re looking for.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor of Edison for Lawn Fertilization

DIY lawn fertilization often seems like a good idea. Then you hit the local home improvemewoman laying with puppy on grass serviced by our lawn fertilization servicesnt store and see all the options – weed control, broadleaf weed control, insect control, etc. Which bag do you buy? When and how often do you apply it? If the options are overwhelming, now is the time to turn to the lawn fertilization experts at Lawn Doctor of Edison.

Lawn Doctor of Edison offers lawn fertilization services customized to your lawn’s unique needs. Our team of professionals are all experts local to Edison and the surrounding areas, such New Brunswick, Woodbridge, and Somerset. Our local knowledge means we know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive. Our team can not only determine the type of grass you have and the best fertilization application your lawn needs, but we can also use our local expertise and knowledge to determine the type of treatment your lawn needs based on climate, season, and local weather conditions.

Using a slow release fertilization product, Lawn Doctor of Edison gives your lawn a small, steady supply of nitrogen, the nutrient responsible for a lush, healthy lawn. Too much fertilization can be just as detrimental to your lawn as too little. Our professionals know the perfect application schedule and treatment regimen for your lawn.

Lawn Doctor of Edison Proudly Offers Natural Lawn Fertilization Services

We understand that many are concerned about products used in lawn fertilization, especially if there are little ones or pets around. Lawn Doctor of Edison also offers natural lawn fertilization treatments to give you peace of mind. Our results are still the same, a healthy, thriving lawn, but our approach to your lawn fertilization poses no environmental risks. We stimulate your soil’s natural life, lower any drought stress in your lawn, and strengthen its defense system.

Lawn fertilization is a big task, and we understand that you may not know where to start. Give the local experts at Lawn Doctor of Edison a call today at 732-246-1101 for a free lawn fertilization estimate.