Lawn Doctor of Middlesex County Company History

A Franchise with Strong Roots in Lawn Care

  • The strength of more than 460 Lawn Doctor locations nationwide, caring for lawns in over 40 states
  • A locally-owned franchise that knows exactly how to care for the lawns in our neighborhoods
  • Specially-skilled technicians and patented equipment
  • An ongoing satisfaction guarantee and unique-to-the-industry customer service

Technicians That Truly Care About Their Work

Our customers quickly come to realize that Lawn Doctor delivers a rare combination of national strength and local knowledge and service. Homeowners receive specially-formulated applications delivered by trained technicians with a level of personal service that can only be found with a locally-owned business. It’s a combination that makes a difference for them and ultimately affects how they enjoy their outdoor living space. “For me, Lawn Doctor is the perfect solution for the care of my lawn and landscape. They’re a local business with the products, experience and knowledge of a national corporation. Lawn Doctor’s trained technicians keep my lawn healthy and beautiful and make the right recommendations for my lawn’s specific needs.” -East Brunswick Homeowner

Creating Beautiful Lawns

You might say, as the son of Lawn Doctor’s 1960 co-founder, franchise owner Bob Magda was born to care for lawns. Bob has a true passion for lawn care and has long been committed to providing the patented products, innovative technology and local experience that allow his homeowner customers to enjoy a more healthy and beautiful outdoor landscape.   Lawn Doctor of Middlesex County - Serving East Brunswick, North Brunswick and Surrounding Area

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