Tick Control in the Hamilton Township Area

Yard Armour program for tick control in Hamilton TownshipGot ticks? Then you have a problem. These tiny insects are more than just a nuisance; they can infect your family and pets with dangerous illnesses, like Lyme Disease. The good news is that as the Hamilton Township, NJ’s area’s experts in tick control, we have the solutions you need.

Lawn Doctor of Mercer & Middlesex County has a program – Yard Armour® – specifically designed to fight ticks and protect people in our local community. We not only cut down on tick populations drastically with our tick control services, but can provide continuous treatments to keep them from re-infesting your property. We even provide a service guarantee to ensure your total satisfaction with our work.

Tick Control for Hamilton Township Area Homeowners

Our Yard Armour tick control program works in several different ways to provide families across areas such as Hamilton Township, Edison, Middlesex County and New Brunswick with the utmost protection against ticks. It delivers:

  • Control: When tick populations are on the rise in the Hamilton Township area, you need to get them under control quickly in your yard. That’s where Yard Armour comes in. We use a range of products and application techniques to target existing ticks, as well as where they breed.
  • Prevention: Once ticks are under control, we will provide a barrier protection around your property that will deter them from re-entering it. We will also educate you on how to further prevent a tick infestation in the future.
  • Ongoing protection: Through Yard Armour, we also provide regular checks and ongoing protection to ensure ticks don’t become a problem on your property again.

How You Can Control Ticks in Your Lawn

In addition to delivering targeted tick control services, we also advise homeowners in areas such as Hamilton Township on what steps to take to stop future tick infestations. Some of these recommendations include:

  • Keeping your lawn well-maintained. This includes mowing your grass to the proper height (but never cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time) and pruning back trees and shrubs, where ticks often hide.
  • Removing debris in your lawn, such as wood and leaf piles, which provide breeding grounds for ticks.
  • Placing plants, including garlic, mint and rosemary – which naturally deter ticks, around your property.
  • Erecting a fence to keep tick-carrying deer out of your lawn.
  • Creating a mulch or rock barrier around your yard to keep ticks out.
  • Removing bird feeders that attract tick-carrying rodents. If you do have them, make sure they’re not installed near the ground.

Protect your lawn by booking a free consultation with Lawn Doctor of Mercer & Middlesex County at 732.246.1101. We offer tick control services in Hamilton Township, NJ, as well as Woodbridge, Somerset, Trenton, Princeton Junction, Mercer County, Edison, Middlesex County, New Brunswick, and the surrounding communities.