Lawn Aeration in Clermont

Keeping your Clermont-area lawn looking green and healthy throughout the seasons requires a few simple upkeep tasks. One of these maintenance tasks that is often either delayed or overlooked completely is lawn aeration. Your soil can become compacted from external damage and environmental factors, and it can wreak havoc on your lawn if left unaddressed. Aeration reverses the negative side effects that come along with compacted soil and promote healthy, consistent growth. At Lawn Doctor of Clermont-Winter Garden, we offer homeowners and businesses in the Clermont, Winter Garden, Davenport, Groveland, Oakland and Minneola, FL areas our proven lawn aeration service to put their lawns back on the fast track to green.

Determining When Lawn Aeration is Necessary

lawn aeration infographic
Lawn aeration can help your lawn recover from the ill effects of compacted soil at several points throughout the year, but there are certain timeframes that yield the best results. The optimum time to aerate your lawn will depend on the type of grass that populates it. Lawns with warm season grasses should be aerated at the end of spring or fall for the greatest benefit, while lawns containing cool season grasses should be aerated at the beginning of spring. Outside of these designated timeframes, there are also several characteristics you can look for that can indicate compacted soil and a need for aeration. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Brown spots have appeared on your lawn
  • Your lawn contains clay soil that has not been recently aerated
  • Puddles form on your lawn during light rainfall
  • There are excessive levels of thatch (dead plant matter) in your grass

How Our Lawn Aeration Treatments Help Clermont Residents

When we aerate your lawn, we help your lawn access the crucial elements it needs to survive. Compacted soil blocks the circulation of nutrients, oxygen, water, heat and the other elements your lawn’s roots require to grow, expand and survive harsh weather or seasonal transitions. Our technicians utilize a piece of equipment called a core aerator to remove strategic sections of your lawn. The removal of these sections will loosen up the soil, restore circulation and give your lawn’s roots room to expand and develop.

Call Lawn Doctor of Clermont-Winter Garden today at (407) 347-8888 for more information on our aeration service and to schedule your free service estimate. We offer our proven lawn aeration service to our neighbors spanning Clermont, Winter Garden, Davenport, Groveland, Oakland, Minneola and the surrounding communities.