Yard Armour® Tick Control for the Brentwood Area

Yard Armour Tick controlAt Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire, we don’t just keep your lawn beautiful – we keep it safe. Our Yard Armour tick control treatment program helps limit and prevent tick populations throughout the Brentwood area. By stopping ticks and the animals they hitch rides on from entering your property, our tick control strategies and Yard Armour system will help protect you, your family, and your pets from tick-borne diseases.

Protect Yourself with Yard Armour Tick Control

Because of their size, ticks can be easy to underestimate. But at Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire, we know how harmful ticks can be to your health and how easily they can infect human beings or pets with a single bite. Like mosquitoes, ticks feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. And ticks – like mosquitoes – often carry blood-borne diseases. Some of those diseases, like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, can have life-changing consequences if not promptly treated.

Tick Control by Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshiretick on leaf that needs yard armor tick control

You shouldn’t have to worry about ticks on your own property. With Yard Armour from Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire, you don’t have to. The Yard Armour tick treatment system protects your lawn in three effective steps:

  • Tick Prevention. Yard Armour treatment keeps ticks from entering your property. Meanwhile, tick prevention strategies will keep tick-carriers, like mice and deer, off your lawn.
  • Tick Control. If your lawn already has a tick problem, Yard Armour treatment will reduce and control existing populations of ticks with professional treatments and products.
  • Ongoing Tick Maintenance. To ensure your family stays protected month-after-month and year-after-year, Land Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire offers routine and regular tick control maintenance.

The Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire Guarantee

At Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire, we deliver the Brentwood area’s most reliable lawn services. Like all of our lawn care services, Yard Armour tick control comes with the Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire guarantee. Under our guarantee, we promise your complete satisfaction with our services. If one of our treatments ever fails to meet that promise, we’ll redo your treatment or provide a full refund.

Call Us Today to Get Started

Need tick control for your lawn? Call Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire today at 603-772-0810 and we’ll send one of our local lawn care experts to provide you with a free evaluation and estimate. Our tick treatment services are available in communities like Brentwood, Dover, Exeter, Kingston, Salem, and Chester, NH, and Merrimac and Wilmington, MA.