Power Seeding & Lawn Aeration for the Brentwood Area

Male Lawn Doctor employee wheeling a lawn seeding turf tamer machine over the lawnLooking to breathe new life into your lawn? With our power seeding and lawn aeration services, Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire makes it easy to rejuvenate aging, damaged, or unhealthy turf. With years of experience, local expertise, and top-of-the-line equipment on our side, we make sure that your seeding/aeration services are done right the first time so your Brentwood area lawn looks its best.

Turf Tamer® Power Seeding for Brentwood Area Yards

Thick, even turf not only looks great – it’s also your lawn’s best defense against weeds and common pests. With our Turf Tamer power seeding equipment, Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire makes it easy to seed your lawn without damaging the turf that already exists. Turf Tamer combines reciprocating technology and a built-in ground-metered system to ensure even seeding while protecting your existing grass. Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire is the only East New Hampshire and East Massachusetts lawn care company with access to Turf Tamer power seeding technology, making us the natural choice when your lawn is in need of re-seeding.

Lawn Aeration Services for Brentwood

If your lawn is struggling to thrive, it may be suffering from poor aeration. This deprives turf of vital nutrients, resulting in sparse or uneven growth and poor coloration. Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire offers core lawn aeration to Brentwood-area homeowners, which produces much longer-lasting and more effective results than DIY spike aeration. Homeowners often see a lusher, thicker lawn within weeks of our lawn aeration services.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire

With power seeding and/or lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire, you don’t just get the advantages provided by our Turf Tamer and core aeration technology. You also benefit from the local expertise we bring to our services. Our experts know the climate in the Brentwood area and its effects on turf better than anyone. We combine that familiarity with our knowledge of grass types and soil types to custom-tailor your lawn’s power seeding and/or aeration services, producing the lushest, greenest possible results.

Call Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire for Power Seeding or Aeration

Call us at 603-772-0810 to receive a free evaluation and estimate for your lawn’s power seeding and/or aeration services today. Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire serves homeowners in towns like Brentwood, Dover, and Chester in New Hampshire, and Merrimac and Wilmington in Massachusetts.

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