Turf Tamer® Lawn Fertilization for Brentwood Area Lawns

As the Brentwood area’s local lawn care experts, Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire excels at getting the most from your lawn. Using nutrient enriched fertilizers and our exclusive Turf Tamer system, we provide east New Hampshire and east Massachusetts homeowners with the custom-tailored services they need for healthier, more beautiful grass. When you partner with us for your lawn’s fertilization, we’ll give your yard the thick, green turf you’ve always wanted.

Professional Lawn Fertilization for the Brentwood Area

While it’s possible to fertilize your lawn by yourself, the results of DIY lawn fertilization are often s lawn doctor lawn fertilization specialist ubpar. Without professional equipment and an in-depth knowledge of grass types and climate, you’re often left with a combination of sparse or uneven growth, poor coloration, and patches of thatch/overgrowth. At Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire, our Turf Tamer equipment and nutrient-enriched fertilizer ensure top-notch results.

Our expertise also means that your lawn’s fertilization services will be customized to account for:

  • Climate. We’ve been locally owned and operated since day one, so we understand the effect that the local weather can have on turf growth better than anyone.
  • Grass Type. Depending on the type of grass your lawn is composed of, different strategies and systems will produce different results.
  • Lawn Health. We provide a full assessment of your lawn before beginning our services, taking its current condition into account.

Our Natural Lawn Fertilization Options

Many of our clients prefer 100% natural and organic lawn fertilization. While our man-made fertilizers are completely eco-friendly, Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire also offers natural and organic fertilization options. While natural fertilizers often require extra applications, they can promote soil life and your lawn’s natural defense system.

The Lawn Maintainer Program

Single-treatment lawn fertilization can give great short-term results. But for sustained results, Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire suggests our Lawn Maintainer Program. This program offers regular, routine lawn care, maintenance, fertilization, and weed control, keeping your lawn green, healthy, and beautiful month after month and year after year.

Call Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire for Your Lawn Fertilization

Call 603-772-0810 today for a free lawn fertilization estimate from Lawn Doctor of S.E. New Hampshire. Our service network covers communities like Brentwood, Salem, Exeter, Kingston, Nashua, Dover, and Chester in New Hampshire, and Merrimac and Wilmington in Massachusetts.