Lawn Pest Control for the Brentwood Area

Your lawn is no place for mosquitoes, ticks, moles, or other pests. Keep it that way with Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire. Our lawn pest control experts provide Brentwood-area homeowners with the treatments, tools, and strategies they need to keep common and stubborn pests away from their properties. Whether you’re looking to protect your family against disease-carrying insects, to shield your home from common household bugs and insects, or to keep tunneling pests out of your lawn’s soil, our team can help.

Yard Armour® Lawn Pest Control for BrenGirl sitting and hugging her dog on grass treated with lawn pest control servicestwood

Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire is the exclusive Brentwood-area provider of Yard Armour lawn pest control for mosquitoes and ticks. This robust pest control program uses a three-tiered approach to keep ticks and mosquitoes away from your property.

  • Prevention. We combine barrier treatments and deterrent strategies to keep ticks and mosquitoes off of your property.
  • Control. We target the areas where ticks and mosquitoes are most likely to live and breed within your lawn to reduce existing populations.
  • Maintenance. Additional preventative treatments help keep your lawn tick-free and mosquito-free year-round.

Perimeter Pest Control from Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire

Pests don’t belong in your lawn, and they certainly don’t belong in your home. With perimeter pest control from Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire, Brentwood-area homes are shielded against common household pests, such as spiders, ants, centipedes, and more. Perimeter pest control allows you to protect your home without applying treatments inside your house’s walls – instead, we apply protective barrier treatments to your home’s exterior. This way, pests are stopped before they have a chance to get inside of your home.

Burrowing Lawn Pest Control

Some of the most troublesome pests faced by Brentwood-area homeowners are those that are hidden from plain sight, such as moles. Instead, homeowners usually just see the damage they cause, whether through unsightly tunnel mounds or grass damage. With our burrowing lawn pest control options for moles, Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire will ensure your lawn’s soil is only filled with healthy soil life.

The Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire Guarantee

All lawn pest control programs from Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire are covered by our service guarantee, the strongest of its kind in the Brentwood area. If your lawn pest control treatment fails to meet expectations, just let us know. We’ll make it right – it’s that simple.

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Our services are available throughout SE New Hampshire, including Brentwood, Merrimack, Chester, and Dover, as well as NE Massachusetts, including Wilmington.

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