Fall Lawn Care in Brentwood: Tips for a Dazzling Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in BrentwoodNot loving the results you see in your lawn each spring? Did you know that by taking a few critical steps now, you can set the stage for better health and more beauty in the next growing season? And at Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire, we’re here to help. As experts in fall lawn care in the Brentwood, Plaistow, Merrimack, Chester, and Dover, NH areas, we know what to do to get your yard bouncing back after a hot summer and gearing up for a harsh winter, all for a great-looking comeback. Here’s a look:

Improve soil quality. While you’re busy enjoying your lawn in summer, it’s actually taking a beating thanks to all that foot and vehicle traffic combined with heat and stress. You can help it recover with an aeration treatment. This simply pulls out soil plugs using an aerator, loosening soil and getting more critical resources, like air, nutrients, and water, to roots.

Enhance turf thickness. Another way summer stress can impact your lawn is by causing bare or damaged areas. When these occur, they’re vulnerable to weeds and diseases. Give your grass a boost, whether overall or in a few small spots, by seeding.

Maintain your grass. Just because it’s getting cooler doesn’t mean it’s time to stop mowing and watering. Your grass still requires regular cuts until it goes dormant. It also needs around one inch of water every week, which you can check with a rain gauge. If rainfall isn’t delivering it, you should water your grass.

Remove heavy leaves. When leaves fall and pile up on your lawn, they prevent sunlight from getting to grass, all while creating conditions that are ideal for a fungal infection. Prevent this from happening by removing them and limiting the risk of diseases.

Provide an energy boost. Fall is an ideal time of the year in the Brentwood area to add fertilization to your lawn care list. Not only does this help it recover after the heat and stress of summer, but get ready for winter by building up energy supplies. It will therefore have what it needs for a great start in spring.

Let Brentwood’s Fall Lawn Care Team Help

Need a helping hand with some of the steps above? Turn to the Brentwood area’s fall lawn care experts: Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire. While you maintain your grass through regular mowing, watering and raking, we’ll customize a treatment plan and schedule that sets it up for more beauty and better health in the growing season ahead.

Get started today by calling Lawn Doctor of SE New Hampshire at (603) 772-0810 for a free consultation. We offer fall lawn care in the Brentwood, Chester, Plaistow, Merrimack, and Dover, NH areas.