Spring Lawn Care Tips for Boston: Getting Geared Up

green yard ready for spring lawn care in BostonGetting ready for spring means more than just checking your mower blades and cleaning off your patio furniture. It’s also the time of year your lawn needs a lot of attention. In fact, as leading spring lawn care specialists in Boston, MA, Lawn Doctor of Boston knows there are a few critical steps you need to take now to get the most from your lawn come summer. Here’s a look at six of them:

Tip 1. Feed your lawn. Spring is an ideal time of year to fertilize because it’s just before your lawn enters peak growing season. You can make a second application in late summer or early fall depending on your grass types.

Tip 2. Stop weeds from growing and spreading. If you don’t want to deal with aggressive dandelions, crabgrass, and chickweed later in the spring and the summer, get weeds under control now. Apply a pre-emergent treatment so they don’t have an opportunity to germinate and break through the soil surface.

Tip 3. Deal with bare spots. Don’t let bare and thinning spots detract from your lawn’s beauty. Thicken them up by overseeding with a high-quality seed variety. Just don’t seed your lawn at the same time as applying weed control, which can damage new growth.

Tip 4. De-compress your soil. As local lawn care experts, Lawn Doctor of Boston knows that compacted soil means grass roots cannot absorb the nutrients, oxygen, and water required to thrive. But by aerating your lawn, you’re breaking up this compaction and creating pathways for more key essentials to get absorbed.

Tip 5. Test your soil’s pH level. When soil is too acidic or alkaline, it can impact nutrient absorption, leading to weak growth. That’s why testing is always recommended, so you can apply either lime or sulfate to amend and re-balance your soil.

Tip 6. De-thatch your lawn. Thick surface thatch will get in the way of healthy growth later in the spring and summer, as well as make your lawn more susceptible to pests and diseases. The good news is that by de-thatching your lawn with a rake before rigorous growth starts, you can offset this and create healthier conditions for grass to grow.

Get Professional Spring Lawn Care Help from Lawn Doctor of Boston

Too busy to handle the aeration, weed control, or fertilization on your own? Don’t have the time to test your soil and amend it? At Lawn Doctor of Boston, we can help with these and many other lawn care jobs. Simply call in our team and we will perform a thorough assessment, as well as create a custom service plan. With care and treatments from Lawn Doctor of Boston, you can rest assured your lawn will get what it needs to thrive this spring and summer.

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