Want Less Stress in 2021? Let Your Lawn Care Company Help

“If there’s one thing I learned during 2020, it’s that I need to simplify my life,” Aaron said. “Both my wife and I work in healthcare. We have three small children. Yes, it is important to me that the yard looks nice, but with everything that’s been going on? I totally dropped the ball on that.”

If lawn care was not your top priority in 2020, do not beat yourself up! You are not alone. The difficult circumstances we’ve all been through have made it difficult to keep on top of yard maintenance tasks like fertilizing, aerating and seeding your lawn.  To make life a little easier for yourself, consider having your Cape Cod lawn care company take on those tasks for the 2021 season.

Here’s what you need to know about each service and why it makes sense to have the lawn care company do it instead of taking the stressful DIY route:

Fertlizing: Fertilizer is nutrition for your lawn. Every lawn is different, which means every lawn needs a unique mix of the appropriate minerals and organic materials in order to thrive. Trying to figure this mix out on your own can be challenging, and actually applying the fertilizer is a labor-intensive endeavor that can take up a good amount of your precious free time. You don’t want to skip the fertilizer because your lawn will suffer, but there’s no sense taking on this back-breaking job yourself.

Aeration: Aeration is the treatment for compacted soil. Aerating the soil makes it easier for rain water, fertilizer, and oxygen to reach your grass’ root system – essential for its health. Accomplishing aeration requires the use of some specialized equipment. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks to gear up, it’s much more cost effective to have your Cape Cod lawn care company do it.

Seeding: If your lawn has big bare patches, sub optimal grass growth, or has been worn away by children and pets, it’s time to seed the lawn. Your Cape Cod lawn care company can do this faster and better than the homeowner due to experience, proper equipment, and the ability to access better grass seed products at a more reasonable price.