Spring Lawn Care in Hingham: Get Started Now with These Winter Tips

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass from our Spring Lawn Care in Hingham

Temperatures are dropping, which means growth is slowing in your yard. To withstand the upcoming harsh winter, it needs the right care and attention now to protect it. Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod can give it. As spring lawn care experts serving areas including Hingham, South Shore, Cape Cod, and Plymouth, MA, we can deliver treatments that will fortify your turf for the cold weather months and help it emerge green and lush in the next growing season. Here’s how we do it.

How Our Expert Spring Lawn Care in Hingham Can Make a Difference in Your Yard

Every yard has different lawn care needs heading into the Hingham area’s winter. It’s why, at Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod, we offer a range of solutions, including the following:

  • Custom Treatments. From aeration and pH balancing to fertilization and more, our team can customize any or all of our treatments around the specific features and areas of concern in your yard, ensuring it’s as strong as possible heading into winter.
  • Lawn Maintainer. Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod’s annual program combines weed control with fertilization and Integrated Pest Management to suppress existing invaders and ensure they don’t return come spring, as well as to nourish your grass and help it build energy reserves.
  • Tree and Shrub Care. Your larger plantings can take a beating during winter. But with our Tree and Shrub Care program, we’ll make sure they’re as healthy as possible now and have the optimal level of nourishment to blossom beautifully come spring.

What Spring Lawn Care Steps You Can Take in Hingham to Create a Strong Comeback

With Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod, you can rest assured your yard will get the exact lawn care treatments it needs to prepare for the Hingham area’s winter and emerge bright and beautiful next spring. However, there are also steps you can take to further protect your turf, including removing leaf piles, broken branches, and other debris on your lawn that block sunlight, while trapping moisture. Also, be careful when salting your driveway or sidewalks so the substance doesn’t get onto your grass, which will damage it.

For spring lawn care in Hingham, MA, contact Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod today for a free consultation! We also offer spring lawn care in other nearby areas, including Hanson, South Shore, Cape Cod, Brockton, Plymouth, and Hanover.