Make Mosquitoes Disappear from Your Lawn and Garden

“I have gotten so much joy out of my garden this year,” Tracey said. The Norwell homeowner explained. “The world’s a stressful place. Getting outside and planting flowers has been very good therapy for me.” There’s just one problem in Tracey’s garden idyll – mosquitoes.

“I don’t know where they’re coming from!” she exclaimed. “I like to get out in the garden early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot, and there’s just clouds of mosquitoes out there. I’m scared they’re going to make me sick.”

Mosquitoes do pose a serious health concern, especially for aging homeowners. “Maybe I could shrug off a case of West Nile Virus when I was in my forties,” Tracey said. “But now I’m not so sure it would just be a little thing if I got sick. So tell me, how do I get these bugs out of here?”

One quick call to your lawn care company can be the first step to getting rid of mosquitoes. In Norwell, mosquito control efforts eliminate mosquitoes at all stages of their development – as eggs, swimming larvae, and full fledged adults.

Mosquitoes breed in pools of standing water. That’s why our Norwell mosquito control services including identifying and eliminating breeding sites from your property. Even a small amount of water – such as a watering can, half full and forgotten by the tomato patch – can be a nursery for hundreds of mosquitoes.

Eliminating the adults and mosquito eggs involves using a pet and family safe product to spray the leaf debris and other sites mosquitoes retreat to when they’re not actively flying around biting you. Measures are taken to prevent mosquitoes from returning, including repeated treatments over the course of the summer. Mosquito control measures can be scheduled to avoid interfering with any outdoor activities you have scheduled at a particular time, such as the children’s after lunch playtime. And if you are hosting a large outdoor event and want to make sure everyone’s safe from mosquitoes, talk to your Norwell lawn care company about pre-event spraying for mosquitoes.