Won’t Fertilizing My Lawn Just Make the Weeds Grow Better?

“The grass in my yard looks a little sad, and I get it – fertilizer would definitely help,” Michael said. “But if I go ahead and have the Plympton lawn service fertilize the lawn, won’t all the clover and dandelions and crab grass just get stronger too?”

That’s a good question. The quick and incomplete answer is yes, fertilizing the lawn will encourage everything that’s growing there, including weeds, to flourish. But fertilizing isn’t the entirety of good lawn care. If you want to achieve beautiful green grass, and say goodbye to all of those pesky weeds, you need another step.

That step? Weed control. The biggest offender, at least here in the Plympton area, is definitely crab grass. Crab grass spreads so quickly because one plant can start another hundred plants growing, easily. To reliably eliminate crab grass, you have to get rid of it before it grows. That’s a treatment called Pre-Emergent Weed Control. Using a pet and family safe product, your Plympton lawn service gets rid of the crabgrass and other broad leafed weeds in your yard before they even have a chance to grow.

Because weed seeds can be carried by wind, birds, animals, and even travel on people’s clothing and shoes, weed control is not a one-and-done situation. Your local lawn service offers weed control services delivered strategically with your fertilization treatments. In this part of Massachusetts, most homes choose fertilizing three times a year – spring, mid-summer, and late fall – with weed treatment scheduled accordingly.

Weed control application is done strategically, to avoid damaging your flower beds, foundation plantings, vegetable and herb gardens, and any native pollinator gardens you may have. We work closely with homeowners to identify areas to exempt from the weed control treatment, so your special plants aren’t impacted. After all, a weed is just a flower growing where it isn’t wanted. If you want the flowers there, we’ll make sure they stay.