What’s Your Plan on Protecting the Kids From Mosquitoes?

Ever since school closed, playing in the back yard became a lot more important for a lot of kids. That’s fantastic – watching the children enjoy themselves outdoors is part of what life is all about – but while we’re busy protecting the little ones from COVID-19, we have to be aware that there are other health hazards close to home.

One issue you do need to be aware of and have a strategy for is mosquitoes. The problem with mosquitoes isn’t that they bite – it’s that their bite can expose a person to many dangerous diseases, including West Nile Virus, EEE, malaria and more.

Mosquito populations can be controlled. Getting the mosquitoes off of your property is a multi-step process performed by your Marshfield lawn care company. Mosquito control is actually rooted in a deep understanding of the mosquito as an animal, including knowing how these insects grow and develop, as well as what type of habitats attract them to your property.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. They don’t need a lot of standing water – a few inches of rainwater in a bucket is more than enough. Many breeding sites are impossible to see if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The tech from your Marshfield lawn care company will find and eliminate these sites, and advise you on strategies to keep those sites from recurring.

After that, the next step is treatment to eliminate the remaining mosquito population from your property. This treatment is kid and pet safe, although of course everyone’s going to want to be away from the action while it’s happening.

Mosquitoes don’t respect borders any more than viruses do. Heavy rains can create new mosquito breeding grounds on your property in just a single storm. Ongoing mosquito control throughout the summer is the best way to ensure your family is not exposed to these dangerous insects.