Overwhelmed By a Yard Full of Weeds? Expert Tips from Lawn Care Professionals

Sometimes people think you need to have a yard that’s in pretty good shape to hire a lawn care service. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Think of your yard professionals like personal trainers for your landscape: they’re there to make amazing transformations happen, right in front of your eyes.

Let’s say the issue is you have a yard full of weeds. Here in the East Bridgewater area, you see a lot of crabgrass. This incredibly common weed is a problem because it chokes out the grass’s root system, causing it to die. Crabgrass robs your lawn of the valuable nutrients and rainwater it needs to thrive.

But you can’t just pull out every crabgrass plant you see. Crabgrass spreads so rapidly that by the time you discover and remove a single plant, enough seed to start thousands of new crabgrass plants have been distributed all over your yard.

It doesn’t matter how committed you are to the process. The only effective way to eliminate crabgrass is to stop the plants before they start – in the soil. This is where your East Bridgewater lawn care company comes in. Pre-Emergent Weed Control involves a family and pet safe product being applied to your lawn. This product permeates down into the soil and obliterates the crabgrass.  This treatment also removes other common broad-leafed weeds that grow in our region.

What happens after the crabgrass is gone? Having room for the roots to stretch out and grow is obviously good for your lawn’s health. To jump start the recovery process, talk to your lawn service about fertilization. An extra boost of nutrition, tailored to your lawn’s unique needs, can be a real game changer.

In some instances where there was significant amounts of crabgrass and weed growth, it makes sense to have the lawn reseeded to encourage healthy grass growth. Power seeding is highly recommended if you’d like to see progress happen rapidly.