What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Humid summer nights can bring plenty of unwanted pests to your home. These pests can surround the perimeter of your home when you least expect it! Common pests can include ants, crickets, spiders, centipedes, and other various multi-legged pests. To keep your home safe, a perimeter pest control program is suggested to decrease the chance of unwanted pests entering your home.

What is a Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter Pest Control is an outer barrier protection plan to reduce bugs from entering your home and foundation. Since the treatment is performed outside, perimeter pest control is a safe method since no chemicals will be applied inside your home. In fact, most perimeter pest control treatments do require anyone to be present inside the house.

Although perimeter pest control is mainly focused on getting rid of unwanted pests, it can also protect your plantings and landscape from various insects seeking food. Each lawn care professional has different steps for the perimeter pest control program, so it is important to call your local lawn care professional for additional details.

Protect your Family’s Health

With a perimeter pest control program, you are also protecting your family from any possible health concerns. Some pests can cause your family and pets allergic reactions from a bite or sting. This can lead to serious health injury and a hospital trip you wished never happened.

For instance, ticks can cause Lyme disease, which has a circular red bite mark with symptoms to cause extreme fatigue. If rodents enter your home, they pose as a serious threat. Rodents contaminate most objects they touch and cause allergic reactions. Since rodents carry bacteria, you can develop salmonella if a pest control program has not been implemented. Other pests that can affect your health are cockroaches, mosquitos, ants, and fleas.

For more information on pest control services, contact your local Lawn Doctor for perimeter pest control.