Lawn Fertilization in the Garner Area

Getting a thick, green lawn takes more than just watering, mowing, and good weed control. Our native soil doesn’t have enough key essentials to keep grass thriving, which is why local lawns also need fertilization at key times during the year. But if you’re like many Garner, NC area homeowners and just don’t know where to begin when it comes to lawn fertilization, call in the experts at Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County. We can provide the helping hand you need to get your lawn into the best shape possible.

Why Choose Our Garner Area Team for Lawn Fertilization?lawn doctor lawn fertilization advocate with dandelion in his mouth

If you want a thick, brilliantly green lawn, you need to fertilize it with the right nutrients at the right time! The right blend of nutrients is what helps support root development, as well as shoot growth, producing healthy growth and color in the process.

At the same time, with endless lawn fertilization products available at local garden centers throughout the Garner area, it’s tricky for the average homeowner to know which one to choose. Not only that, but determining the right amount and the right time to apply fertilization can also be a challenge. If, for instance, you deliver too much, you can actually harm your lawn. In addition, if you distribute fertilizer unevenly, you’re going to see inconsistent growth patterns in the spring. Likewise, if you apply it at the wrong time – it can encourage growth when growth is not desired (like fescue in the heat of summer and bermuda grass when it is dormant).

Instead, why not leave the planning and the work to experts in the Garner area who have extensive experience in fertilization? When you choose Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County, you can rest easy with our customized services, premium products, and proprietary equipment. In fact, we rely on a slow-release fertilization blend that delivers a steady supply of nutrients over time. This ensures optimal growth and color. Likewise, our exclusive Turf Tamer® lawn equipment uses technology to apply fertilizer evenly across area lawns, resulting in thick, consistent growth.

Our Custom Lawn Fertilization Plans & Services

At Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County, you’ll always get a one-of-a-kind fertilization plan tailor-made for your lawn. With it, we take into account many factors that can be impacting your lawn’s overall health, including soil conditions, types of grass, and local Garner-area environmental factors. That way, you can get solutions that are just right for your unique lawn and your budget.

On top of our standard lawn fertilization services, we also offer fertilization as a part of an overall, year-round care and maintenance plan. Called Lawn Maintainer, this program combines the best of our fertilization services with weed control solutions to deliver treatments at key times of the year.

Whatever your lawn care needs, Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County has the right solution for you. Just call us today at 919.977.4379 and ask for your free evaluation. Our lawn fertilization services are available to homeowners in Southern Wake County, Garner, Clayton, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Knightdale, and Willow Springs, NC, as well as the neighboring communities.