Lawn Aeration in the Holly Springs Area

beautiful lawn that used our lawn aeration in Holly Springs service along with other services we offerWhen was the last time you aerated your lawn? If it’s been a while – or worse, never – your soil is likely suffering from compaction, with thatch building up on the surface. That means nutrients, air and water can’t penetrate into the soil and the roots will eventually begin to suffocate. You can reclaim and breathe new life into your lawn with aeration from the Holly Springs area’s experts, Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County.

Why You Need Lawn Aeration

Some homeowners wonder why lawn aeration is done or is needed? Lawn aeration helps your grass to breathe and grow. With heavy use, soil eventually becomes compressed. That’s where aeration comes in.

There are two fundamental ways homeowners in the Holly Springs area can perform lawn aeration. The first uses spikes on a roller to perforate your lawn. The second method – which produces better, longer lasting results – is called core aeration. Using an aerator, plugs of soil and thatch are pulled out from your yard, cutting down on compaction and thatch build-up in the process. This, in turn:

  • Enhances air flow
  • Helps roots grow stronger and deeper
  • Helps lawns absorb water and fertilization more efficiently
  • Improves the overall health and appearance of your lawn in the weeks and months after aeration

Red Flags Your Lawn Needs to Be Aerated

Have you seen standing puddles of water after a rainfall, thin, patchy grass, or bare spots in your lawn. These are all signs your lawn is suffering from soil compaction.

Another common way to check if your lawn is ready for aeration is the screwdriver test. If you can’t dig a screwdriver into the ground without a fight, that’s another indication your lawn needs to be aerated. Likewise, if you drive or park vehicles on your lawn or have clay soil, soil becomes compressed easily and may need to be aerated more often.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

As the Holly Springs area’s experts in lawn care, Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County knows timing aeration properly depends on the type of grass you have. For cool season grasses, such as Tall Fescue grass, schedule aeration either in the fall or the early spring. For warm season grasses, like Centipede and Bermuda, the optimal time to aerate is in late spring and early summer. That way, as your grass enters its active growth cycle, holes will quickly fill in with new growth.

Where to Turn for Lawn Aeration in the Holly Springs Area

If you want the Holly Springs area’s experts in aeration, call Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County. We’ll take the time to inspect your lawn, identifying grass types and assessing soil quality in the process. We also have the proprietary equipment and proven experience to ensure aeration is performed properly, at the right time. Go relax and enjoy your day, while you leave the aerating to us.

Whether you live in Holly Springs, Garner, Clayton, Knightdale or Fuquay Varina, our lawn aeration experts can take care of compaction, promote root development, and produce a healthier, greener lawn. Call Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County today at 919.977.4379.