Protect Your Trees with Tree and Shrub Care from the Clayton Area’s Experts

You want your trees and shrubs to be as strong and healthy as they can be. With tree care from the Clayton area’s experts at Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County, we make it easy. We know what it takes to strengthen and protect their health, and can provide all the services you need, from fertilization to disease control.

Tree and Shrub Care Services for Clayton Area Customers

At Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County, we can provide care and treatment for plants up to 20 fbeautiful lawn that received tree and shrub careeet in height, as well as those in landscape beds that are surrounding your home. Whatever types of trees and shrubs you have, we can keep them looking their best. In fact, our Tree & Shrub Care Maintainer program is designed to do just that. With it, your trees and shrubs will receive:

  • Inspection and overall health evaluations. We’ll inspect your trees and shrubs, evaluating overall health while also looking for signs of stress, disease, and insects.
  • Disease and insect treatments. Our trained experts can identify active pests and diseases, and quickly apply the appropriate treatment to get the problem under control, helping to limit damage.
  • Fertilization and application of micronutrients. Through targeted applications, our feedings will stimulate growth and keep trees and shrubs healthy, strong, and pest- and disease-free.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County?

We’re locally owned and operated. As a result, our tree care professionals know which pests and diseases are common problems for Clayton area homeowners. In addition, we have extensive knowledge of the local climate and growing conditions and understand how factors, from rainfall rates to temperature, can be affecting your trees and shrubs. It’s a level of expertise you’ll benefit from – and it’s also what sets us apart from other tree and shrub care providers in the Clayton area.

Our Services are Backed by the Industry’s Strongest Guarantee

We do more than just deliver tree and shrub care to Clayton area customers. We can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy and thriving landscape you’ve always dreamed of. If, however, you’re not happy with our results, don’t worry. We back up all our tree and shrub care services with the industry’s strongest satisfaction guarantee.

You’re one step away from healthy, thriving trees and shrubs. Connect with your local experts at Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County by calling 919.977.4379 today. We’re proud to offer tree and shrub care services to customers throughout the Clayton, Fuquay-Varina, Knightdale, Garner, and Holly Springs areas.