Are You Prepared for Fall Power Seeding?

Summer is quickly coming to an end and your lawn will need attention from the hot summer heat. One the best method to improve your lawn’s health for the start of the fall season is Fall Power Seeding.

The Best Time for Power Seeding

The ideal time to start power seeding your lawn is the fall season. In order for germination and turf development, the ideal weather conditions would be warm days, cool nights, and plenty of rainfall. Power seeding in the fall also helps your lawn’s appearance for the spring season.

It is also less expensive to power seed in the fall season. Power seeding in the fall requires fewer touch-ups than spring. For instance, grass seeds that are scattered for growth during the fall season can establish quicker because of the reduced competition of broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. Broadleaf weeds and crabgrass compete with your lawn for nutrients. Some examples of broadleaf weeds are dandelions, ground ivy, and thistle.

Lawn Doctor Advantage

Have you seen someone’s lawn turned into a ‘mini corn field’? This is a result of silt seeding. The procedure is establishing lines in the soil every four inches and seed is laid on top of the turf. This method is not recommended due to its heavy labor and extensive lawn work.

Lawn Doctor’s patented seeder provides the best results in the industry.  Lawn Doctor’s technique insures even germination and quick establishment. To learn more about Lawn Doctor’s Fall Power Seeding, please watch the video below:



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