Weed Control in Grand Rapids: How We Can Help

Close up of blades of grass showing weed control in Grand RapidsWhen you’ve got weeds, you want to get them out of your yard as fast as possible. The trouble is, there’s no one product to treat them all. Instead, turn to Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids for help. As a leading provider of weed control in Grand Rapids, MI, we have what it takes to suppress existing weeds, protect your turf, and create a lawn that stands tough against future infestations, all while looking beautiful. Here’s how we do it.

Weed Control for Grand Rapids Lawns in 3 Easy Steps

Controlling weeds is a must, even if your yard is healthy. When these invaders make a home in your lawn, they spread quickly and take up space, while absorbing nutrients and water as they do. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids’ Lawn Maintainer program for weed control comes in. With it, we’ve designed annual care that provides your yard with a mix of essential treatments that keep weeds out, while getting grass healthier and stronger. It includes:

Grassy and broadleaf treatments. Whether they’re annual, perennial, or warm- or cool-season, Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids can control weeds of all kinds at the different times of year when they’re most vulnerable.

Pre-emergent treatments. At Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, we’ll also stop weeds before they’ve had a chance to sprout up and spread, providing a more effective approach to controlling them.

Fertilization treatments. We don’t simply focus on suppressing weeds, but also strengthening your lawn overall. We’ll provide custom-mixed, enriched products that deliver all the right nutrients in a slow-release formula.

Turf Tamer® Equipment: For Better Weed Control Coverage

Hiring a professional team is a big step to take and you want the best from it. Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids can deliver it with our Turf Tamer equipment. It’s proprietary to our company, manufactured right here in America, and designed with leading-edge technology you won’t find with another weed control company in Grand Rapids. This includes its sophisticated ground-metering system that disburses an optimal amount of product evenly across your yard. You’ll never have to deal with spotty or disappointing results; just get a lawn you love without all the weeds.

Ready to get started? Contact Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids today at (616) 281-7109 and set up a free consultation. We offer weed control in Grand Rapids, MI, as well as many surrounding communities, including Kentwood, Forest Hills, Ada, Caledonia, Wyoming, and Rockford.