About Us


Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids is your Local, Family-Owned & Operated Lawn care experts. We pride ourselves in making our city look extraordinary by the transformation of our communities lawns.  Our team at Lawn Doctor knows how important it is to honor our brand by turning your lawn into a place you can truly feel comfortable and be proud of.

Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids was established 22 years ago by Michael Hines. Michael held such a high standard of quality and reliability to which we hold today. After 20 years of building the business Lawn Doctor is today, it was purchased by Michael’s son, Jordan Hines who has maintained the entire operation aspect of Lawn Doctor for 9 years prior. Jordan aims to proceed in his father’s footsteps of maintaining the brick-and-mortar business his dad built over the last 20 years based on the simple concepts of building our brand by providing reliable & quality service to our neighbors in our community.

Our culture is so strong yet so simple with one united set of goals; create an undeniable team, grow people, give more than you get and most importantly make lawns Green, Thick and Weed Free. With this driving force as a family & team we were voted the #1 lawn care provider in 2020!

This is what your neighbors are talking about:


We offer the perfect maintenance program that consistently feeds the lawn while killing the weeds at the same time. We use ground metered technology that has perfected this process, so each application is applied exactly how it is intended every time.

The Mosquito Battle & Other pests too:

Yes, we offer protection from mosquitos. This is by far our personal favorite, and fastest growing service. You can take back your property and enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones without getting eaten alive! This service also protects against, fleas, ticks, spiders, and much more!

Power seeding:

We Install and repair lawns too! Get this, Lawn Doctor invented and patented our power seeding equipment, you cannot get this anywhere else. In a nutshell our equipment lifts the soil while dropping the seed into the ground and laying soil back on top. This means we see about 90% germination with the proper watering.

So, this is what we are great at, and why!

Thank you for visiting, and most importantly thank you for supporting our team.


Talk soon,

Jordan Hines