Tick Control in Grand Rapids

Closeup picture of a tick before Lawn Doctor provided Tick Control in Grand RapidsThere’s a wide range of buzzing, biting pests that can make their way into your yard and take over. However, among all these pests, ticks are some of the most troublesome. On top of being able to spread extremely quickly once they have a food source, ticks are capable of carrying a long list of harmful diseases that can lead to serious illness. At Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, we utilize proven tick control solutions to address active populations of these pests and prevent additional infestations from popping up throughout the seasons.

Our Comprehensive Tick Control Process

Ticks are extremely invasive pests, which is why fighting them takes a multifaceted process. At Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, we use multiple steps in our tick control process to effectively address active populations and prevent new populations from developing. Let’s take a closer look at these steps and what they accomplish:

1. Preventing Tick Infestations

One of the most effective steps that we take towards fighting ticks is preventing them from ending up in your yard in the first place. Small animals are generally responsible for bringing these pests into your yard. If these animals have places to hide all over your property, it’s more likely that they’ll take up residence in your yard and bring ticks with them. To help you prevent this and keep tick numbers down over time, we’ll work with you to identify and remove these potential hiding places.

2. Addressing Active Populations

To fight active tick populations in Grand Rapids, we use advanced tick control products and targeted treatments. With these treatments, we’ll drastically decrease tick populations in your yard with just one treatment. Our treatments also provide a barrier that helps to prevent ticks from returning, allowing you to immediately get back to feeling more comfortable in your outdoor spaces.

3. Providing Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping ticks out of your yard in the long run takes an ongoing effort. By coming back and applying follow-up treatments on a continuous basis, we’re able to bring you dependable protection throughout the seasons.

Hassle-Free Tick Control for Grand Rapids Area Residents

Working with our tick control team doesn’t have to mean sacrificing convenience. In fact, we don’t even require you to be at home during service, allowing you to maintain a more flexible schedule instead of being stuck in your house during treatments.

For tick control in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Forest Hills, Ada, Caledonia, Wyoming, Rockford, and the surrounding areas, contact us today!