Lawn Aeration in Grand Rapids: What Is It And When Do You Need It?

After the stress of summer heat and drought, regular foot traffic, and heavy rain and snow, your soil gets compacted with thatch growing on the surface. These both hinder root development because they stop air, water, and nutrients from circulating in the soil. As soil conditions decline, your lawn becomes more susceptible to issues with diseases, weeds, pests, and more. That’s where our lawn aeration services at Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI can help.

Lawn Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids: What Are the Benefits?

Aerating your lawn simply means getting more air circulating into the root system. Along the way, it also enables nutrients, fertilizer, water, and other key resources to reach deep into the soil system and nourish roots. As a result, your lawn will experience many benefits in the form of:

  • A better developed root system that’s deeper and stronger
  • Less surface thatch, which can harbor pests and diseases
  • Greater tolerance to seasonal stressors, such as extreme temperatures, heat, and drought
  • Improved color and vitality

Lawn Aeration Services: How Our Approach In Grand Rapids Works

Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids uses a method called core aeration to aerate local lawns. It involves the systematic removal of small cores of soil, thatch, and grass from your lawn, using our exclusive, specially designed Turf Tamer® equipment. This improves the movement of vital essentials in the soil by effectively cutting through heavy surface thatch and decompressing soil conditions.

Lawns should be aerated on a regular basis. However, frequency for your specific lawn depends on a few factors, such as whether you have clay soil, if your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic, and whether the Grand Rapids area has experienced heavy rainfall. Also, if you’re noticing issues with standing water, stunted growth, and a rise in weeds, like dandelion, that grow in compacted soil, it’s an indication aeration is needed.

With Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, you’ll get expert technicians who can work with you to customize a lawn aeration schedule that takes into account these variables. You can also count on us for aeration done during the right season – in the fall just before active growth.  Therefore, your lawn can quickly recover with grass that looks and grows better.

Improve the health and vitality of your yard with our lawn aeration services, available in Grand Rapids, MI and many nearby areas, including Kentwood, Forest Hills, Ada, Caledonia, Wyoming, and Rockford. Schedule your free consultation today by calling Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids at (616) 281-7109.